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NBA 2K15.1 torrent

NBA 2K15.1

NBA 2K returned as many new features, graphics and game modes. games entering the game, and it shows, but it does not justify the popular franchise worth its predecessors?

Manage your team YGM mode

Ifyou are interested to be inspirer of successful franchise, NBA 2k15 offers YGM mode, which gives you plenty of control over the franchise. Ares 2.4 In this situation, you have to talk to the players and owners when trying to build a championship team. In fact, this situation is not LARTO games maarufuFootball Manager.The game offers a lot of control over the team, would be tedious. But if you are involved in micromanagement, you can change things like athletic trainer and ticket prices.

Be GM means that you must not veDealing needy players. Sometimes players will contact you to complain about the size of their actions or responsibilities in the team. They are displayed through the dialog boxes that take place in your office. During the games you can watch the game counter ninikinachotokeaand determining jumpany time.

Dribbles, group, shoot!

As played 2K14, then you should be at home with the controls. In terms of gameplay, control the attack and defense of your team has been updated. NBA 2k15 has assured systemFocusing, which offers the best way to control the style of the game. For example, the point of emphasis on crime can be launched to gamblers all through Derrick Rose. Defensive precaution may be board failure.

You have the opportunity installThemmanually time-outs,or you can let your coach put it up in the game. This is an underrated aspect of the game that allows you to set the tone or follow the coach, while maintaining the flexibility and power game. This is a beautiful old transitionFrom 2K games, in which he tried to find a balance between the lack of regulation and micro-management games.

Sometimes the painstaking process of training the player shooting the movement was simplified to increase meter shot in the NBA 2k15.Uliyotumia and place on makingShot, firing rubberwhen the player was at the peak of his jump. It turned out to be incredibly troublesome for the players threw unorthodox movements like Kevin Martin. Now down to each player counter intuitive to show how long the line youMust put shotgun. This makes the game rewarding random players rather disappointing.


graphics arent big step up from the second-gen version of NBA 2K14, but that does not mean that waoarent still strange spectacular.The detailed that players wereand it was wonderful: sweat appeared on their forehead, shivers appeared on the arm, and the incision Chris Andersen and beard appeared on screen.

Players arent the only ones who find the update image in NBA 2k15. Trainers fans and even talismans be improved. Players still look stunningly better than the coaches when they stand next to them, but it's good that they have HD quality players standing around with their smooth and impassivewakufunzi, as in previous versions.

NBA2K15sound as good as it looks. It has the best views you will find in any sports game with realistic radio and color reproduction of feedback from the team to return to Clark Kellogg, Kevin Harlan and Steve Kerr. Another great stroke of game isAdd In view of the game and Bas Ernie Johnson and NBA legend Shakil Onale. both voice recorded by both. Trainers interview (and their sound real!) For half the time.

soundtrackkwa game is sometimes rough in game.Unlike soundtrack of previous years, whichwas administered by LeBron, NBA 2K15s Melodies chosen by the ultra-popular musician / producer Farrell Williams. It is an eclectic blend of music featuring artists and bands such as No Doubt, Tribe Called Quest and Red Hot Chili Peppers. You listenMusic while playing through the settings menu.

Work in Champions Cup

It would be easy to bring down scores of NBA 2k15 for him and then the truth can not be kusamehewaonline problems. However, in all other areasgame, and his predecessors, and in this case the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.


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Need For Speed Underground Installer Torrent

Need For Speed Underground

Need For Speed ​​is a fast game that car lovers enjoy.

Do you like racing cars on your computer? Then get ready for Need For Speed ​​Underground!

Speed: Underground Racing is a need for a quick game. acceleration gvmpasdinas Olympics with many special tuner cars. Need for Speed Underground 2 thisthe game includes three new models Criing - Drag, Drift and Sprint. It also has a small back story for players who want more than a wild race around the virtual environment.

akoProjekti are AUTOINA looks familiar, it may be just because Need for Speed ​​Underground has Import Tuner aspects of culturein movies and popular games like Fast upcoming streets. A wide range of settings in Need For Speed ​​Underground options, sure to satisfy any true fan auto rasio.Mae some of which kit, spoilers, wheels, window shades Videbodi and stickers. It can also improve performanceyour car when it comes to motor ulicamaOlimpijski city trkekroz more eagerly.

The only real criticism of the fans of this game honRvif have is that there is no force in the Need for Speed ​​features. Slower computers may have problems running the game without several challenges in the game.

with brilliantgraphics and plenty of action, however, has a lot to love about Need For Speed ​​Underground.

Rvi'nDivedais, the need for fans Speed, Need for Speed: Underground 2 is something favorit.Dakle, I say to all those navijačimai continues to play without the patch, you should pick it up, because it improves yourfavorite racing games.

Tveaking under Hoot

eithrioOs and you're one of those players who have registered with Patch Update, and then corrects most games tend to be pretty boring. But although it may be glamorous, Need for Speed ​​Underground Patch 2s adds a good choice to improveHigh performance elevates hvnperfformiad racing game.

First, it improves multiplayer games optimizacijaOnline plays and eliminate frequent crashes of many players suffer on older Windows machines (such as Windows 98 and ME). Also, for players who enjoy racing in the game room,Patch eliminates the need for an internet connection to host the games over the local LAN.

new color

Also worth mentioning is a stable system for the reputation of the game on the network. If you are unfairly labeled for games svojeponašanje, removes a piece hvnicon warned his players to show that they (unfair?)Alleged nedela.Ovo is perfect, because it means that you can not see people who are really rude online - but it feels better than to punish people for mistakes on the server.

Of course, it is not complete without virBiddai upgrade racing shiny new coat of paint. Provided that you have the proper graphics modescards (Need For Speed: Underground 2 is now over 10 years old), you can access upgrade krpaponudiće visual effects when you run the game at higher resolutions.


trebatiSpeed: Underground 2, the tape is essential if, for some reason, continues to play Need for SpeedUnderground2. After this, the engine purrs like a kitten playing in the sea catnip, and eliminate the most serious errors that could prevent your mvinhadi classic race.


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PIXresizer 2.0 full torrent download

PIXresizer 2.0

PIXresizer is refreshingly simple tool to optimize the image.

In fact, it is the perfect complement PIXresizer, if you want to make very simple changes to your photos before posting, viewing or send them online. For example, you mozhetevykorystovuvaty addition,To preorazmeritesnimki (for previous or client), change the file format (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF) and optimized for email and send.

PIXresizer not very noticeable, and in addition to these functions - and kilkainshyh varyyantavVy may include, for example, sahranenieEXIF - no big dealyou can still use it. EZDrummer 2 All torrent download However, it is free and does his job very well, so if you often need to resize your photos, this is a very handy tool to have around.

PIXresizer can work with individual files iliv packages folders. two separateOptions tab and you can review option if you use multiple files.

Quickly, downtime is exactly what it says on the tin chtoon, PIXresizer is a great tool.


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Parallels Desktop v11 Torrent

Parallels Desktop v11

Parallels Desktop simply the world's bestselling, top-rated, and most trusted solution for launching Windows applications on your Mac. With Parallels Desktop for Mac, you can seamlessly run Windows and Mac OS X applications side by side without rebooting. Drag and drop files betweenWindows and Mac applicationslaunch Windows applications from Mac dock, and do much more with speed, control and confidence.

Business Edition relies on Parallels Desktop add administrativniosobine award-winning solution koetodava possibility of control department and user management with virtual machines, as well as managementand administration of new licenses in Parallels Management Portal license. This exclusive feature allows IT administrators with critical information as measured license usage statistics and real-time insight activitieslicensing, easy to manage all yourdeployed licenses. Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition supports business cloud services, including Bok, Dropbox for business OneDrivebiznesa.

Features - Parallels Desktop 11

- Always Cortana allows users to use Microsoftsvirtual assistant with Mac applications even when Windows 10 is not applying frontplan

- Travel Mode prolongs battery life up to 25 percent, temporarily closes choose resources that drain energy

- Quick View for Windows extends this benefit to cool MacWindows documents and files

- New power touch gesture support allows for quick review of fileswith Quick Look ilisposobnost look at the definition of nepoznatdumi

- Improved controls Mac Vindov are new button mode consistency

- List of recently used files can now besee a Mac no matter where you store files on Mac in a virtual machine in the cloud or on a file server

-New easy printing with all options enabled printer for Mac to save time with intuitive solution for users, OS X

- "New Item" supporting the creation of new files in operatingsystem applications for Windows, including Microsoft Outlook, Excel Irishman

- Now users can easily cancellong plandeystvie virtual machines

- Mac location services are now available for Windows applications

- Automatic synchronization of sound withthat Mac virtual machine

- Enhanced file associations with a clever message bar association to help change OS X

- Improvingthe installation and use of virtual machine for direct access to the commencement CampVindovs share - without rebooting

- Improved Japanese keyboard - specific language only doJapanskiedition

Parallels Desktop 11 Pro Edition

- Integration sklyuchovite development tools such as Visual Studio Docker (plugin), cookand Jenkins

- Support for vagrancy and other development tools

- Additional user profiles for developers, advanced users and testers optimumconfiguration their specific scenarios

- Advanced tools networks and configuration of virtual networks to testcomplex network scenarios, including the ability to simulate network instability

-Cloud Access to storage, Dropbox OneDrive for business and business to share Windows Mac

- Headless mode for running virtual machines in the background without a user interface

- Ability to create linkedclones to save disk space and optimize installations

- Enhanced memory (64 MB RAM) and CPU power (16 vCPU) tobetter performance

- Nested virtualization for Linux guests

- Test environment Nev Parallels Wizard Virtual Machine, to ensure access to free trials testing pretraživačaza

features- Parallels Desktop 11 Business Edition

All the features of Parallels Desktop11 for MacPro Edition, and the following key additions:

- Options for centralized administration and control to control over virtual machines

- Web-based portal Parallels Management license with an activation key thateliminating manual management of individual license keys

-Implementation USB devices for added security policy

What's new in construction 32 626:

adresePitanja overall stability and performance, and includes the following updates:

Corrects a problem with Windows 10 InsiderPregledStart menu does not appear in connection

Corrects a problem with parallels desktop fallto quit when you download the free System of New Virtual Assistant Machine

Corrects a problem with no installation parallels Tools in SUSE Linux

Corrects a problem with no connection with Mint and Ubuntu virtual machine via VNC,if installed Parallels Tools

Solve problems errorswitching relationship in Ubuntu virtual machines

Corrects a problem with the kernel panic when upgrading OS Mavericks virtual mashinaza OS X El Capitan

Corrects a problem with the room key does not work in a virtual machine after you upgrade the operatingSystem Host MacOSSierra Previev or Public Beta

Corrects a problem with sharing with MacOS Sierra Windows host OS

Corrects a problem with random sticky keys in OS X virtual machines

Corrects a problem with the bridge to the marked network VLAN

rešavaproblem desktop visual artifacts in virtual Ubuntumachinery MacBook12-inch Retina

Requirements: Intel 64-bit CPU, OS X or later

Language: ENG

Ejecute Windows en su Mac

Piercings I determinable en Boca de-Mrs December 5 millones December Participants

Parallels es la Compaa brought est detrs software Mejor Del implementado SR OS for ejecutar mkuinas Virtuales corriendoWindows, Una Vez Ditcho Esto es la Noticia brought ha, La Lanzada Hoi ltima versin December aplicacinThey are popular for Mac en Este tripod Tareas.

Algunas de las mejores caractersticas Nuevas sin el soporte Tanto for Windows 10 Cortana incluiendo Como for OS El Capitn, Donde works estupendamentede proforma Nativa.

SegniSe Puede skin en la Web Oficial December parallels esta Ultima versin ES Hasta UN 50 POR ciento Mrs rpida brought versiones anteriores incluiendo electrical ARRANKUE Como Los tiempos December operacionesDecember parade and Copy / driver Archivos December 20 Hasta UN POR ciento MS rpido. incluíaAdems UN nuevo Modo December Viaje Que aumentar la Vida December bateraIgualmente Hasta en UN 20 POR ciento.

Otra de las caractersticas emblemticas parallel 11 ES EL soporte al Ia Comentado virtual assistants from Microsoft, Cortana el cual podremos invocarincluso DESDE el-desktop OS December SiempreCuando years parallelsfindings Corriendo Por detrs. Segni GLE ekplicado POR la ​​propia Empresa, Siempre I Cuando Windows 10 to ejecute SR Segundo Plano, Los Participants Siempre podrn decir Hey Cortana years recibir una answers.

Otros cambios passing by Mejoras living Usuario Windows, Una proforma MS rpida December Ver las Notificaciones December en Windows OS X, Mejor en las Asociaciones December archivos I soporte a la localizacin enReal Tiempo en Windows. Administration puede inclusoaprovechar la-caracterstica quick look on OS para la previsualizacin maintenance god Archivos.

Name: Parallels Desktop

Versin: (build 32626)

Platform: AMD

Incluía: Parche

Idioma: Multilenguaje (Incluido Español)

Abre La Tools folder year ejecuta El file

They openly Una Ventana December terminal.

pulsa1 godEnter.

They pedir TU contraseà of Administrador.

Pnsela Para Que puedaparchear power program.

Versin OS: OS X O last

Procesador: 64-bit

RAM: 2 GB of

Mrs Info:


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