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Dr. Joe Ellis and Dr. Eric Ellis are two of Houston's leading cosmetic dentists. 4Smiling Aesthetic Dentistry, founded in 1966, has built an international reputation for its expertise in cosmetic dentistry. Drs. Joe and Eric pride themselves in using state of the art technology, coupled with highly individualized personal care, to provide their clients with top quality dental service.

Your smile is the window through which you are measured. Knowing you have a great smile can give you more confidence.

If you feel that your smile is not what you have always wanted, or what it used to be, you may want to consider cosmetic dentistry. There are many procedures available to correct imperfections in your smile, thus enhancing your natural beauty.

Obtaining the smile you want is not impossible. At 4Smiling Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr. Joe Ellis and Dr. Eric Ellis are enhancing people's smiles and affecting lives...one person at a time.

Meet Our Doctors

Two of Houston's leading cosmetic dentists

A man with a beard and white shirt is smiling.

Dr. Joe Ellis

Dr. Joe has since built an international reputation for his expertise in cosmetic dentistry. His unique approach in caring for his patients and building long-term relationships allows Dr. Joe to focus on the total health of each individual patient.

Meet Dr. Joe Ellis

Dr. Eric Ellis

Dr. Eric focuses on appearance enhancing aspects of dentistry, but specializes in cosmetic dentistry; implant restoration, preventive medicine and TMJ, neck and facial pain.

Meet Dr. Eric Ellis