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Voiceless 2016

Jesse Dean is a newly discharged soldier who had a rough upbringing, but because his wife has found God and is totally devoted to her faith. He and his wife moved to Philadelphia so you can take on a new job as head of Outreach in old member of a church declined. If all goes well and starts the connection to the community, he found that there was an abortion clinic in front of the church. He was the pastor and others in the church and try to get their help in vain. One day something happened that tragic and personal him while he is taking care of their daily routines. Came to pick up the point that he began to take action. He attended, but the more you are involved, the greater the resistance to enter the Church and in society. His wife, who thinks that their actions will fire him or landed him in jail, also against him. Finally, it was he had to make a choice: will take the easy way out and that is what everyone wants to do it, or it will face a major confrontation that you need to put everything on the line - not only his job but freedom and marriage well,

A young man, belonging to war veterans risked his marriage and a new job with the Department in an atmosphere of abortion clinic that moves across the street from the building. Desierto 2015 HDrip

A man (Joel Smallbone) tried to rescue two young sisters after they were found in the back of a truck that runs cross country for a single payment.


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