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BS Player Windows XP/7/8 download torrent

BS Player

This is the ideal video player for those seconds when you prefer to watch movies and TV shows on your computer instead of doing so on the sofa.

All the formats and features you need

It's a great multimedia player experience that offers everything you need to watch movies or any other video on your computer. It supports all video format (and also audio, if you think) and although the main interface is not the best I've seen, you canadjust easily ease with skin. Also, if you do not have audio or video codecs, download them instantly during the installation.

It supports video subtitles, movie shoe screens that currently play, allows you to create book notes and chapters, to make video grazing easier and keep an add-on, which makes it very similar to applications like UMPlayer.

Reliable and easy to use

In particular, I would like the way in which you can control the play as a keyboard firewall orjust with the mouse: with one click to stop the video, two clicks to go to the full screen, mouse wheel to download or download.

It is reliable and full of features. The only disadvantage, if any, is that the program does not contain any documentation other than the common questions section that should open in your browser. That's not what you can use it without help, but it's always good to have some documentation to say if you're caught.


Tipermite enjoysyour movies PC favorites with different features: subtitles, screen screens, page goals and more.


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Tcm: Sunset Boulevard 2018 Baby Bop FULL Free Movie Torrent Download

Tcm: Sunset Boulevard 2018

Fathom, Turner Classic Movies and Paramount Pictures have a special two-day special event for Sunset Boulevard national cinema, including special notes from Turner Classic Movies. Gloria Swanson, as the famous Queen of Aging, and William Holden, as a scriptwriter led by his madness, created the two most memorable Sunset names; An unforgettable secret opening, through the inevitable horror of Sunset Boulevard Darkness in HollywoodAc is a precise expression of despair. Angry Birds 2016 babeloop full movie torrent download


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Fotor Photo Editor 64/32 Bit Download

Fotor Photo Editor

Photor is an easy-to-use photo editor for Windows that lets you edit photos, not a professional photoshop.

Increases boundaries, effects of conversion, and more

Photor makes a quick picture to allow you to adjust the balance, brightness, contrast, balancewhite, spreading, cleansing, increasing fossil or culture, removing, rotating and more.

The events provide 13 different options to improve the region that can improve images made in the light or need to be re-touched. It also existsand a large selection of Effects and Boundaries designed by Photographers and Professional Designers. There are more than 60 effects, including classical, Lomo, B W, art and vignettes, with more than 30 types of frames. The picture includes the impressive Tilt-Shift effect that gives your photos to the depththe field that is often seen on the camera in the DSLR academy.

Easy to use

Despite all these features, Photor is easy to use. More effects and improvements to the slider are used, and also connect to the social media network to get your photosimmediately.

Good results

The last supply using a photographer gives you a result of Photoshop-esque without being a graphic designer. Free Video Editor 1 64/32 Bit Torrent Added to the paid model, that means your photos are fun.


Photor is the best choice for anyone who wants to see professional resultswithout buying and learning how to use Photoshop

Photo Gallery image supports the following designs




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Behind The Walls 2018 Full Movie Torrent

Behind The Walls 2018

Behind the walls, horror is told from the perspective of a haunted house. He patiently waits for years to let someone in. Finally, a broken family desperately needs a new beginning and thinks it will be a new happy family. Few people know that something bad is behind the walls, that hewants them to be - forever.


Subtitles: after

Classification: NA

Total release date: February 1, 2018

Genre: Horror

Duration: unavailable

Distributor: OneworldAlliance Film Sdn.Bhd.

Cast: Vanessa Angel, Hutch Dano, Reggie Lee, Temple of the Lion

Director: James Condelic, JohnCondely

Layout: 2D

. Lady Bird 2017

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